The Art Of Texture

Looking back over the last few years that I've been using textures on my photos, and participating in challenges such as Kim Klassen's "Texture Tueday", I realized I had amassed quite a lovely collection of photos, that basically have been sitting and collecting dust.

Until now.

I've decided to clean off the dust, and begin sharing my little works of art with you, my friends. I'm not sure what I will eventually do with these - maybe print up a coffee table book, sell a print or two, if I'm lucky...but for now, I'm going to use this little space here, on my blog, to keep all my textured  photos together.

I hope you enjoy browsing them, as much as I've enjoyed creating them. :)

*This space will be updated, periodically, so please check back again for more!

*All photos on this page are copyright Audrey Marie Gabourel & are the sole property of and its owner. Do not use without my express permission.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What are your favorite textures to use on your photos?
A) Absolutely anything created by Kim Klassen! I have also found beautiful, free texture on Flickr. Just do a search! Sarah Gardner also creates exquisite textures, though not free. Still a must-see!

Q) What editing program do use?
A) I currently use Photoshop CS3. Textures can be used in other editing programs that allow layering of images (PSE, Paint Shop Pro, and others, I'm sure).

*These Q & A's will also be periodically updated. If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I'll update them in this list.

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